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Ég vel klædd í rannsóknarstörfum

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Svona lítur maður út kl 10 að kvöldi eftir 6 klst rannsóknarvinnu 'on site'. Í skítakulda að telja fólk og skrá niður allskonar skrítið.


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A visit to the Great Wall

Lakeside Great Wall of Huanghuacheng. Located in Jiuduhe Town

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We went to the Great Wall last saturday, men oh men... magnificient!

Located in Jiuduhe Town, the Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall was built in the second year during the reign of Yong Le in the Ming Dynasty. A reservoir built nearby in 1970s transformed the look of the Wall, submerging it at three places, hence its name.

We went to a place that hasn't been renovated in the last 600 years or so. So it was ripped in some places and so real in a way. You could feel the power of nature. It is really amazing how this wall was built and I wonder about the placements, they didn't pick the easiest spots, o no no..
















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melted halloween decoration

before and after!!! (15 days after) :-O


Halloween decoration_before and after :-O

They still have the halloween decoration up!!!!! WHAT!!!! looking much more scary now! I wonder if they plan on using it again next year.... hmm.... AND what will it look like by then????

sorry, I can see now (a few days later) that I didn't include the funny picture of the old halloween decoration with the post :-D hahaha...
............but now I have!!! And I also included the picture I took on Halloween. So you can compare :-D

so I hope you laugh like I did when I saw this weird pumpkin in the bar :-D

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Strange things at the supermarket

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Saw some weird things at the supermarket today. :-)

And then Julian cooked dinner at the dormitory. Very cozy!




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Cafa campus

A little intro to my everyday life here in China.

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The big building further away is where the architecture department is situated. My studio is located on the ninth floor.

This photo is taken in front of the laundry house at campus

This is one of Cafas restaurants or cantines, it is on three floors and the top floor is a very fancy one.


This is what they put in front of all the doors at campus. To prevent the cold air entering the building.

This is the cafe in my building, here I buy coffe every day.

The same cafe, really cozy with the big windows.

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My hotel

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My hotel room, my bed.

My room.


The view out my hotel window.

The hotel out front.

The street across the hotel, people always selling food and clothes

This is my kiosk, where I buy my cigarettes, water and beer supplies. And if I wanted some fruit I could buy them there as well :-) hehe..

This is my group, we went out for dinner after last PinUp.


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Seafood experience!

Yesterday I went to a seafood market with my new chinese friends Matthew and Barbara.

After we had bought a few kilos of fresh and some alive things we went to Barbaras place and cooked. Or they cooked and I watched :-D

The crab was kinda strange but the shrimps where the best I ever had. And they told me that crabs are in season now because now they are extra fat and full of babies. They also had piles of shell fish which I ofcourse tasted but wasn't thrilled about.

After the dinner we sat and talked and listened to music, really nice evening.

O and yesterday I had a massage, glass sucking therapy and acupuncture. Man o man it was nice. My back is filled with big round spots after the glass thing, haha kind of funny! I have to ask someone to take a photo of it for me so you can see.





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My back after glass therapy

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This is how my back looks like after the glass therapy, ha ha ha...


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8. Nov. 2012. Beijjing

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Thought maybe some would find it interesting to follow the project I'm working on here in Beijjing.
This is from my groups presentation last monday. One photo shows overview and one a close up example.

I spent a few hours walking around and practiced my drawing scills. So one photo showing the resault.

The last photo is showing a very common scenery in Beijjing. Vegetables being stored like this on the street, without any protection. (don't know for what purpose, but guessed the reason was they dont have room for it inside or in a fridge)





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Best photos of the day!

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Two of the best photos I took today at the forbidden city.



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