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Pictures from the first day

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Everything is exciting and beautiful






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Two of my travel mates!

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Now we are chilling at kastrup airport. This is Stine and Zuhal.



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The trip has started. On the trainstation and saying goodbye to my wonderful husband



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The beginning

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The trip has started. Im waiting for my first train and saying goodbye to my wonderful husband.



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Highlights of what I've learned about China

This is what I found most interesting from the lectures we had on China


  • Words mean a lot in China
  • There is no truth, to them truth doesn't matter. To us europeans the concept of truth central to any discussion and at any price. We need it!
  • The hiererchy is very important to them.
  • Harmony is stressed in China while freedom is stressed in the U.S.
  • There is a lot of superstition and especially with numbers. Fx. the number 8 is very important as well as the number 9. But the number 4 should be avoided at all costs.
  • China is 50% an under developed country.
  • Real estate bubble expected to burst between 2012 and 2018
  • All of China has the same writing pattern, everyone understands it. But the language varies a lot between regions/towns.
  • Tabo: criticism of top leadership by name, Propagating independence of Tibet etc, Not allowed to talk about Tianannen 1989.
  • gray areas: freedom and self-cencorship
  • The human flesh engine!!! if government doesn't take care of some crime. The human flesh engine harashes people. People write info about criminal and many go and harash.
  • Han Han the most famous rebel blogger in China
  • Coffee is very expensive
  • bring toilet paper with you to public toilets.
  • if travelling with Taxi, remember to have the address written in chinese letters, taxi drivers don't all know how to read english.
  • bread is not common, difficult to find.
  • Law- everyone gets off work if temperature goes over 37 degrees in celcius. So officially temperature NEVER goes over 37 degr. C.
  • Sand storms can come suddenly, pitch black in the middle of the day!
  • Can see pandas at the zoo. :-O
  • Chinese have to protect themselves from the NORTH!!!
  • in 2050 people over 67 years old will be 50% of the Chinese population
  • When meeting chinese use handshake. No hugging.
  • Invitation to dinner - if they invite, they pay - very important to accept dinner invitation.
  • no tips at restaurants.
  • Never choose a seat facing the entrance, that seat is for the highest ranking person, according to chinese hierarchy.
  • never play with chopsticks, very rude.
  • They like to make many toasts, during dinner parties. (your glass should always meet other glasses lower if it is a high rank person, higher than you)
  • but on the other hand, Chinese don't expect westerners to follow rules of hierarchy. but good to be aware of them.
  • Drinks, rude to say no. if you don't want alcohol you have to have a valid excuse. And the alcohol is stronger there, can go up to 50%
  • Avoid talking about: human rights, Tibet or other domestic policy topics, not good to argue with chinese (they don't argue or not used to it) and don't use your own perspective to judge their culture.
  • Shopping tips: you can bargain, cut off 50% everywhere.
  • be aware of fake money.

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a map of my trip

This is a link to a map of my trip

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Blogging from China is possible through this website


I´ve received confirmation from the host of this blog that I can blog on this site from China. For you guys that don't know, China does not allow all internet sites, search macines, blog sources etc. So I was worried that I could not use this blog from China. Since facebook is not allowed I wanted to find another source to keep in contact and for family and friends to follow up on my travels. Specially since travelling to China is very different from europe and we don't know that much about China. So I thought this could be a good way to inform people about China, what is it really like, how does it really look like and things like that.

Last night I was trying to find information about sim cards in China and if I could buy an internet usb connection there. Not that I think that is a absolute necessity but it could be nice to be able to post photos and write posts without trouble. I think a trip to China is so interesting and I'm in need of sharing. :-)

Today I had a little bit of panic, started thinking about all the things I need to do before the trip and what all that costs. I have no idea if I have enough money and all that. But luckily my husband was home and helped me write a list. So now I'm a bit more at ease.

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Preparing for China trip

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So I'm leaving for China in 6 days. I'm going there with my class and we're taking part in a workshop in an artschool in Beijjing, CAFA. Our teachers are planning this workshop with the chineese teachers and there are going to be 25 chinese students participating as well.

I'm in the masters program at Aarhus School of Architecture. We are 14 students in my class. This is my longest study trip ever.
We have had many lectures in the past month about China. We have been learning about Chinese culture, history, does and don'ts and ofcourse chinese architecture.

Now I have a week off school to prepare and pack. I'm trying to find chinese symbols for different things, fx internet, postoffice and such. I want to make a folder for my self so I can point to chinese symbols if I get into trouble or can't find something. I also think this is a good way to get familiar with the chinese letters, since I'm going to be seeing them all over for the next 6 weeks. I also read on this travellers blog site that it is a good idea to know the symbols for a country that you want to send postcards to, in case people don't recognize the country name in english.

I'm also going to make a brochure with pictures of things I want to buy in China. I want to try to buy all sorts of computer accessories and electronics. I mean not a lot, but I want to keep my eyes open for some cheap things that I normally can't afford.

I want to buy a chinese mobile number, so I can be connected and hopefully get internet some places. But I don't know how that works, need to find more info on that.

I think thats it for now... :-)

Hope you'll excuse my english, it's a bit rusty. When I moved to Denmark 5 years ago it was in good shape, but the danish learning took it's toll. Almost like there isn't room for more than two languages in the brain. haha.. But I have a lot of international friends and therefore think it is a good idea to get my english back in shape.

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