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news update. 5 nov 2012

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Today I've been preparing for a pin up. It's been a little bit hectic but it was also nice to get feedback from the teachers. But now I am so tired and after the pin up, which finished at 9pm I realized I had only eaten rice for lunch. So my body is not happy. I ordered something for lunch that had a lot of small bones in it so I ended up just eating the rice :-/ and when there is a lot to do I tend to forget that Im hungry.
Well anyways... the pin up went well I think. We got some positive reviews but there is still a lot to be done. Fx we have to draw by hand on 10 m rolls. Drawings of 340 m elevations times 4. In the scale 1:50. Soooo next week is going to be fun! Specially with only two members of the group left. There was some misunderstanding between our teachers in DK and Cafa. We where told that we'd be working with chinese students for 6 weeks, but turns out they dont get any credits for this and some of them just voluntered for two weeks. They are busy with a lot of other classes and so they dont have a lot of extra time. Which is sad, because we learn so much from each other and it the project would be so much more interesting if we'd keep getting input from them. Because they open up a whole new perspective for us and probably we to them as well.
tomorrow we have planned a tour to the forbidden city. That should be interesting.
Over and out
hilsner from Beijjing

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Snow in Beijjing

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The street near my hotel this morning. The weather changes rapidly!


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Photos from today 1. nov

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This is our favorite place to eat on our site. They have really good pancakes with meat inbetweeen. Jummy!

This is a part of my group eating: -)

And two photos of the street we're working on. Right now we're measuring all the houses.





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31 october 2012. Beijjing

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Took the subway this morning, it was REALLY crowded :-D

Showed two classmates where to buy bicycles. They where soooo happy.

Bicycled to 798 Art district, on our way we saw these guys bicycling with huge flowers/trees, hahaha..

Now Im sitting in a cafe, watching the people walk by. :-)





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Tonights photos

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We went to a restaurant for dinner. Really friendly waiters.
Tomorrow is a haloween party at school. (sorry about the spelling)
We hung out at the schools bar with some chinese students practicing their english.






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Bought a new bicycle!

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Sooooo happy! Got it for 300 danish kr. AND IT'S NEW : D
My chinese girlfriends helped me and showed me two markets nearby, where you can buy everything and really cheap. Where the locals shop.
Today I've been bicycling around in the neighbourhood with my danish classmate Siv. By chance we found Ikea where we had some coffee and kanelsnegle. Meget hyggeligt!
We also went to a restaurant for lunch and that was not very nice. Because I found a big chunk of glass in my rice bowl. Not very pleasant :-(


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Recent photos

My amazing chinese friends and Helena.




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Report from Beijjing

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Today me and Helena where on our site measuring the facades to be able to make detail drawings of elevations. The locals where looking and making jokes, Im sure I was not looking very professional with the measuringtape :-D
Also I bought a granma bag on wheels, which I draged with me everywhere and all the chinese where looking and pointing. Probably would be funny to understand chinese and know what they are saying. :-D
On our way home we stopped at a restaurant to eat and bought bear and the picture below shows the "glass" we got. Drinking a bear out of a bowl is something new.
Right now Im sitting on the street watching the locals eat and socializing. (Like the other pic shows) I tried asking two chinese if they where closing and they did not understand a word.
I've come to learn the chinese spit a lot and make all sorts of sneeze, bougar nose noises. Even spit on the floors at restaurants. :-)
Tomorrow night we'll go to Zaha Hadids opening of galaxy Soho. Should be interesting.



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Day 2 in Beijjing

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Amazing weather today. We went to the park to get a view over the forbidden city.

Saw some old couple arguing on the street, it was so cute.
Love the roofs
On our way up the hill to get the view, so beautiful light

so cool stones
ooohhhh.... we saw this sign on the way up, found it soooooooo funny!
Some of the girls from my class with a view over Beijjing

The forbidden city

still getting used to the toilets...
At the russian market or district, only furs for sale and all signs in russian as well as chinese

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Sitting alone in a café

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Waiting for the girls, they are freshing up. Im just enjoying a Leffe which I found out to late is very expensive and very stong, 6,6% and doesn't taste very good. But hey... that's the fun part being in a new country. Discovering things :-) I think frim now on I'll drink the chinese beer, must be cheeper, haha..


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